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Dual-Class Enablers

Dual-Class Enablers: Vote Against Directors

Dual-Class Enablers – CII brings them from shadows to sunlight. Get out your disinfectant (your proxies) and vote against these directors both at dual-class companies (where your vote has little impact) AND at other companies where dual-class enablers also occupy board seats, for now. Print out the list today and use it when voting your […]

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Replacing Board Members

Replacing Board Members: The Elephant in the Room

Finally, an SVDX/Rock Center event that just about packed the house! I’ve complained frequently that people, especially students from nearby universities, are missing out on these excellent programs. Attendees still looked mostly like directors to me. If students ever show up in large numbers, we’ll have to move to an arena or stadium. I’m not […]

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Agency Capitalism: Corrective Measures (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a post which started out reviewing the important thesis outlined in The Agency Costs of Agency Capitalism: Activist Investors and the Revaluation of Governance Rights by Ronald J. Gilson and Jeffrey N. Gordon (January 1, 2013). See Agency Capitalism: Corrective Measures Part 1 and Part 3. Current law encourages mindless indexing of portfolios and voting like lemmings […]

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Transform the Nominating Committee

There are important advantages to a shareholder/stakeholder-based nominating committee: It ensures that the shareholders as a whole elect directors from a list of nominees with the societal, industry and other essential expertise and contacts, desired not only by the owners, but also by other critical stakeholders. It requires only a limited time commitment (to the […]

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