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Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory

Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory: Reflections

Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory: Timeliness In the spirit of Kuhn, this book eviscerates modern portfolio theory, arguing for a more systemic approach centered around human values and intentionality. I had similar nascent thoughts in 1967 when I concluded economics, based on “rational” actor assumptions of homo economicus, was not grounded in science. Lukomnik and Hawley aptly […]

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UK Law Commission

Video Friday: UK Law Commission Clarifies Fiduciary Duty?

The UK Law Commission’s final 2014 report and guidance on fiduciary duty: The Review identified widespread concern about how fiduciary duties were interpreted in the context of investment.  In particular, some stakeholders felt: it was not clear who in the investment chain was subject to fiduciary duties and what those duties were; their fiduciary duties […]

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