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David Axelrod

Society 2015: Part 4 – Axelrod & Activists at Your Door

More of my notes from the Society’s 2015 National Conference in Chicago, 6/24-27. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Sorry to be posting so long after the event but I still find them useful… and going through my notes may help me remember some of the more interesting points. David Axelrod Believer: My Forty Years in Politics @davidaxelrod I’m not sure why David Axelrod […]

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John Oliver photo

Income Inequality: Video Friday with John Oliver

John Oliver, the HBO comedian, discusses income inequality in America. How do you talk about income inequality without being accused of fomenting class warfare.  pointed out in an epic rant on Sunday night, that optimism is woefully misplaced when it comes to the subject of severe income inequality. America’s biggest losers in the income inequality […]

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I Think I'm Going to be Sick: Obama and Proxy Access

According to the Hufffington Post (White House Guts Reform To Protect CEO Pay, 6/17/10), the White House is behind the latest move to kill proxy access at the request of the Business Roundtable. When questioned on the issue, a White House spokesperson responded: “It was not part of our original proposals, and we have not […]

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