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David Ellerman discusses wall street capitalism and alternatives providing voice to employees

Is Wall Street Capitalism Really “The Model”?

Guest post from David P. Ellerman who works in the fields of economics and political economy, social theory and philosophy, mathematical logic, and quantum mechanics. His undergraduate degree was in philosophy at M.I.T. (’65), and he has Masters degrees in Philosophy of Science (’67) and in Economics (’68), and a doctorate in Mathematics (’71) all from Boston […]

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Bank of America (BAC): What Would We Do As Owners?

Bank of America executives, investors, and opponents alike reacted with surprise to yesterday’s news—posted for two hours on Dow Jones Newswire and elsewhere—that the mammoth financial institution, realizing it was heading for a taxpayer bailout, was asking Americans to start thinking about what they’ll do with the bank once they own it, and to start […]

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Video Friday: Occupy, is the Message too Broad?

The author of Soundbitten: The Perils of Media-Centered Political Activism, Tufts University sociology professor Sarah Sobieraj is a reigning expert on media and social movements in the U.S. In the four minute clip below, she discusses what it is about the Occupy Movement that has led to such favorable coverage. This includes an answer to […]

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Video Friday: Occupy Wall Street

Eliot Spitzer calls on Obama to support Occupy Wall Street. Noting that the movement is amassing support day by day, Spitzer hopes this will encourage President Obama – calling him “flat” on Wall Street and the economy – to speak with “a new and progressive voice.” Michael Moore states, “We oppose the way our economy […]

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