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Uprising Against Wall Street - the cost of financial intermediation

Video: Uprising Against Wall Street

Uprising Against Wall Street – it has certainly been a clarion call of Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign but, as Stephen Davis points out in the video below, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have also attacked Wall Street. Public opinion is clear, so politicians aren’t likely to be strong defenders (at least not in […]

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Key Votes Survey Released by AFL-CIO

The AFL-CIO Key Votes Survey is designed to help pension fund trustees fulfill their fiduciary duty to monitor the proxy voting performance of investment managers. Good corporate governance matters to shareholders and proxy voting is the most direct means for shareholders to exercise oversight in relation to the corporations they own. (Read the full report.) Proxy […]

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Video Friday: Occupy Wall Street

Eliot Spitzer calls on Obama to support Occupy Wall Street. Noting that the movement is amassing support day by day, Spitzer hopes this will encourage President Obama – calling him “flat” on Wall Street and the economy – to speak with “a new and progressive voice.” Michael Moore states, “We oppose the way our economy […]

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