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Video: Uprising Against Wall Street

Uprising Against Wall Street - Occupy

Uprising Against Wall Street – Occupy

Uprising Against Wall Street – it has certainly been a clarion call of Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign but, as Stephen Davis points out in the video below, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have also attacked Wall Street. Public opinion is clear, so politicians aren’t likely to be strong defenders (at least not in public) of a system that doesn’t appear to be working in the public interest.

Watch Stephen Davis and David Pitt-Watson discuss their new book (co-authored with Jon Lukomnik), What They Do With Your Money: How the Financial System Fails Us and How to Fix It. Continue Reading →

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Key Votes Survey Released by AFL-CIO

AFL-CIO Key Votes Survey 2015The AFL-CIO Key Votes Survey is designed to help pension fund trustees fulfill their fiduciary duty to monitor the proxy voting performance of investment managers. Good corporate governance matters to shareholders and proxy voting is the most direct means for shareholders to exercise oversight in relation to the corporations they own. (Read the full report.)

Proxy Votes Must be Cast in Your Interest

In 1988, the U.S. Department of Labor advised pension fund trustees that under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”), the voting rights attached to company stock are “plan assets” that must be managed according to ERISA fiduciary standards. The Department of Labor requires investment managers to “maintain accurate records as to proxy voting” and permit trustees to “review the actions taken in individual proxy voting situations.”   Continue Reading →

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Video Friday: Occupy Wall Street

Its time to start analyzing, participating and trying to channel this Continue Reading →
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