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Bill Steiner at Olin AGM

Bill Steiner – Legacy Continues

Bill Steiner Had Huge Impact Bill Steiner would have seen the 2020 proxy season as a busy and exciting one for individual shareholder activists. While the SEC considers changes (your comments can still have impact, even if submitted late) to reduce the influence of shareholders, so called “gadflies”  continue to demonstrate leadership, effectiveness and ability […]

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2014 poison pills - SharkRepellent

Analysis of 2014 Poison Pills

2014 Poison Pill Impetus, by John Laide of SharkRepellent.net, includes an analysis of last year’s U.S. poison pill adoptions. The post is also available at FactSet Insight, 2014 Poison Pill Impetus: Why are U.S. companies adopting poison pills? He concludes that companies continue to adopt poison pills primarily in response to activist investors. (more…)

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Proxy Mosaic

Proxy Puts: Zombies of Corporate Governance

Yikes! I thought they were dead but they’re back! A recent paper from Proxy Mosaic sheds light on another defense for entrenched zombie directors. I’m busy on other projects but recent developments reviving this device are certainly worthy of shareholder attention, so I’m just pasting clips from their paper below to give readers a general […]

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Bebchuk on Airgas

In a major decision issued last week, William Chandler of Delaware’s Court of Chancery ruled that corporate boards may use a “poison pill”—a device designed to block shareholders from considering a takeover bid—for as long a period of time as the board deems warranted. Because Delaware law governs most U.S. publicly traded firms, the decision […]

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