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Biogen 2018 Proxy Voting Recommendations

The Biogen 2018 annual meeting is June 12. I voted AGAINST several directors and the pay package. Vote FOR the auditor and both shareholder proposals to enhance value.

Biogen Inc. (BIIB) discovers, develops, manufactures, and delivers therapies for the treatment of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases worldwide. Most shareholders do not vote because reading through 80+ pages of the proxy is not worth the time for the small difference your vote will make. Below, I tell you how I am voting and why.

If you have read these posts related to my portfolio for the last 22 years, have values aligned with mine, and trust my judgment, go immediately to see how I voted my ballot. Voting will take you only a minute or two and every vote counts.

I voted with the Board’s recommendations 57% of the time. View Proxy Statement via SEC’s EDGAR system (look for DEF 14A). Continue Reading →

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CSP Inc. (CSPI): Proxy Score 89

CSPII am too busy to provide the usual analysis of the proxy at CSP Inc. (CSPI). Today is the last day to vote the CSPI proxy using the Internet. The most critical item on the CSPI proxy is my proposal to allow shareowners to nominate board members. Please vote in favor of proposal #5, proxy access.

Below is the text of the speech in favor of my proxy access proposal to be give at tomorrow’s annual CSPI meeting, followed by my voting recommendations:

Speaking in support of Proposal #5:

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Genomic Health $GHDX Proxy Recommendations

GHDXGenomic Health (GHDX), is one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up on June 6, 2014. ProxyDemocracy.org had collected the votes of one fund when I checked and voted on 5/27/2014.  I voted with management 92% of the time.  View Proxy Statement. (Note: GHDX proxy Table of Contents is only for stock incentive plan… not the proxy. Very poorly done.) Read Warnings below. What follows are my recommendations on how to vote the GHDX proxy in order to enhance corporate governance and long-term value.  Continue Reading →

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