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Shareholder-Driven Stakeholderism

Shareholder-Driven Stakeholderism

Shareholder-Driven Stakeholderism (U of Chicago) by Cathy Hwang and Yaron Nili argues the Business Roundtable Statement of the Purpose of a Corporation should be seen as another way to entrench management, instead of disarming greedy profit-driven shareholders. Analysis of data, drawn from companies in the S&P 1500, found shareholders, not management, “have been the driving force behind […]

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Real-Time Proxy Voting Disclosure - Image from Pensions & Investments

Real-Time Proxy Voting Disclosure Will Drive Competition

Real-time proxy voting disclosure by big funds could drive competition for investments from individual investors and smaller institutional investors with few resources for proxy analysis. Such disclosures would also go a long way in solving problems raised by Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Leo E. Strine, Lucian Bebchuk, and the Main Street Investors Coalition regarding potential […]

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Public Opinion equates Wall Street with Greed

Will Corporate Elites Attack Public Opinion Next?

Entrenched corporate elites may need to up their public opinion game. Robert Monks and Nell Minow are near the top of their attack list. (Shareholder crusaders Monks and Minow speak out) Having been sued several times for having the audacity to make recommendations to boards via shareowner proposals, I’m on there too. (see EMC v. […]

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Oupa Magashula, Commissioner with the South African Revenue Service commissioner attended a recent meeting of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) Forum on Tax Administration in Istanbul recently. I found his Op-Ed, Good corporate governance includes moral view of tax (Business Report, 9/27/2010) to be interesting. Here’s a sample, In the past 18 […]

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