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Cyber Security at Disney: Vote FOR Report

Cyber security at Disney would benefit from clear links between senior executive performance metrics and compensation. Cyber security and data privacy are vitally important issues for Disney and should be integrated as appropriate into senior executive compensation to incentivize leadership to reduce needless risk, enhance financial performance, and increase accountability.  Continue Reading →

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JPMorgan Chase (JPM): Proxy Voting Recommendations

JPMorgan I don’t hold shares of JPMorgan Chase (JPM) in my portfolio but the shareholder proposals that will be voted this year deal with crucial issues that will come up at many other companies this proxy season. I received the following letter from shareholders urging readers to vote for a proposal requesting a report on lobbying at JPMorgan Chase and thought it worth your attention, especially given that I had already blogged about a resolution seeking to end government service golden parachutes also to be voted at JPMorgan Chase, as well as voted collected by ProxyDemocracy.org. I would vote in favor of all the shareholder proposals, if I owned the stock. Continue Reading →

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Retail Shareholder Proxy Participation: Part 3 – VIFs & CITs

elephant in the roomI will be on a panel at the 2/19 SEC Roundtable discussing how to increase retail shareholder participation in the proxy process. The SEC agenda is in bold italics.  Our thoughts on VIFs and CITs are in normal type. Part 1 is here. Part 2 here.

This panel will focus on strategies for increasing retail shareholder participation in the proxy process. The panel will discuss how technology – by providing better access to information or easier means of voting – might affect retail participation. In addition, the panel will discuss whether the format of disclosure could be improved to increase the engagement of shareholders and how the mechanics of voting could be improved to affect retail shareholder participation. Continue Reading →

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Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Releases Report

Download the report in full or by section. Analysis of the report is just starting to come out. I probably won’t have a chance to read it for quite some time but others are beginning to analyze:

A deeply divided U.S. investigative panel issued a scathing critique of the culture of deregulation championed by Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, saying the government had ample power to avert the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and chose not to use it. (Divided crisis panel blames Greenspan, Wall Street, Reuters, 1/27/11)

In more than 500 pages, the first official government report into the financial crisis casts blame widely – accusing the Federal Reserve of having “neglected its mission” by not piercing the housing bubble, while finding that Goldman Sachs had understated its benefit from the government bail-out of AIG. (US crisis inquiry finds turmoil was ‘avoidable’, FT, 1/27/11)

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