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The Shareholder Activist

TheShareholderActivist.com™ is a new source for information and advice to facilitate responsible shareholder activism. The site includes tools, tactics, and techniques to help retail investors fully exercise their rights in publicly traded (more…)

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Weekend Reads

There have been plenty of excellent articles on important corporate governance issues. Here are a few that caught my eye: One Cure for Accounting Shenanigans, WSJ, 1/14/2012. Jason Zweig writes convincingly about the importance of audit rotation but don’t miss the comments where I suggest a third way that involves a free market approach that […]

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CEOs Should Get Out Vote Among Employees Says Daly

In remarks before the National Press Club, the CEO of Broadridge, the nation’s largest shareholder communications company, called on all CEOs to encourage individual shareholders, including employee shareholders, to vote their proxies. In 2010, just one in 20 individual retail investors voiced their opinions about the  companies they invested in by exercising their fundamental shareholder right. That […]

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