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Proxy Access: Keith Higgins Speaks on SEC’s (i)(9) Review

Yesterday (2/10/2015), Corp Fin Director Keith Higgins delivered this interesting speech entitled “Rule 14a-8: Conflicting Proposals, Conflicting Views.” There are some really interesting things in this speech on counterproposals, etc., although there isn’t much that helps those companies grappling with proxy access shareholder proposals this proxy season (but there is some, such as #6 below). […]

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Joo Calls for Explicit Examination of Normative Foundations in Corporate Governance Theory

In his recent paper, Theories and Models of Corporate Governance, Thomas Wuil Joo (incorporated into forthcoming Corporate Governance: A Synthesis of Theory, Research, and Practice (Robert W. Kolb Series), briefly surveys a history of American models of the corporation. On the currently dominant model, contractarianism, he notes that whereas early contractarians insisted that corporate governance […]

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