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File No. S7-23-19: By the Numbers - Source ISS

File No. S7-23-19 by the Questions

File No. S7-23-19 would set draconian requirements to submit and to resubmit shareholder proposals based on the desire of entrenched managements and boards to thwart accountability and to create democratic-free zones around corporate governance.

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Constructive Engagement - USSIFESGshareholderproposals 2016-2018

Constructive Engagement

Constructive engagement is, supposedly, the primary reason for the SEC’s proposed new rules. As Chairman Clayton noted, Today’s proposed amendments follow from the staff’s extensive experience with shareholder proposals and recognize the significant changes that have taken place in our markets in the decades since these regulatory requirements were last revised, including, in particular, the […]

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Bad Rule Adopted on IR

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) rule opposed by investor relations service providers who fear the measure will harm their ability to compete. The SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets approved (PDF 95KB) new Section 907.00 of the Listed Company Manual, which will result in the […]

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SEC Adopts Whistleblower Rules

Last week the SEC adopted final rules to reward whistleblowers who provide information leading to successful enforcement of securities law violations. In an attempt to address objections from many business groups, the final version included an incentive to report through mechanisms internal to their own company but also expanded from 90 (more…)

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Confusion About Proxy Access Suit

Readers may have noted the WSJ’s lead editorial of last Saturday, Proxies vs. Profits, railing against the pending proxy access rules and supporting the appeal taken to the D.C. Circuit by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable. However, the editorial misses the fundamental point of the issue: the pending rules do not guaranty […]

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Apache v Chevedden: SEC Rules Don't Reflect Reality

I was delighted to see Broc Romanek coverage of the controversy surrounding Apache v Chevedden, although he did so in a members only area of theCorporateCounsel.net. I hope the case gets a lot of attention. Yesterday, I was discussing a table I am working on that shows some of the rights denied to street name […]

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CalPERS muzzles critics: Ballot rules protect board, keep others in the dark

“Self-serving” is what one critic called the vote last week to sharply limit what candidates for the California Public Employees Retirement System board can include in their ballot statements. Certainly, “self-serving” is one word that characterizes that vote. “Anti-democratic,” “chilling” and “wrong” are among the others. In a decision sweeping in its arrogance and disregard […]

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