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Equal Energy Sale – Proxy Vote 50

Andrew Shapiro on Equal Energy

Andrew Shapiro

Guest Post: Andrew Shapiro is Founder, President and Portfolio Manager of Lawndale Capital Management, an investment advisor that has managed activist hedge funds focused on small- and micro-cap companies for over 21 years, one of the longest periods of experience deploying an activist/relational investment strategy today.

The following is a press release from Lawndale. I am an investor on one of the affiliates. I’ve added votes disclosed on ProxyDemocracy and some observations from a recent GMIAnalyst report.   Continue Reading →

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For Sale: Director Duties

What are the board of directors’ duties during the sale of a company? That is, when the seller is experiencing a change of control or a merger or acquisition?

As always, the board must observe its duty of care and the duty of loyalty. The duty of care requires the directors to gather the necessary information to decide the appropriate buyer. The duty of loyalty means that the board cannot act in their self-interest, such as preserving their jobs, rather than in the interest of the shareholders…

Douglas Y. Park runs through key Revlon duties in his post, The Board of Directors’ Duties During The Sale Of A Company at DYP Advisors.

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