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eSignatureGuarantee Facilitates Securities Transfer

eSignatureGuaranteeFor shareholders and investors, transferring securities just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of eSignatureGuarantee.com (link).

In order to transfer securities – whether it’s stock, a 401K, an estate trust, whatever it may be – the transfer agent industry requires what is called a medallion signature guarantee, which essentially proves your identity and helps protect shareholders from fraud. To obtain a signature medallion one must physically go into their financial institution or bank of choice to get one. Not only is this time consuming and outdated, but many financial institutions, such as the Bank of America and many community banks, have stopped offering this service, literally leaving shareholders with nowhere to turn. Continue Reading →

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Grundfest on Securities Class Action Litigation

Every year, the Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse, in conjunction with Cornerstone Research, releases its annual overview of securities class action lawsuit flings. As I noted in a post last week, this year’s version introduced a number of innovations and reflected a host in interesting observations.  (Interview with Stanford Law Professor Joseph Grundfest About the State of Securities Class Action Litigation: The D & O Diary, 1/25/2011) Here’s one of the many Q&As:

Q. Do you have any predictions about 2011 securities litigation activity, as far as anticipated levels or trends?

A: I would expect the core rate to remain constant, and from there I would expect a bump up as even more merger disclosure litigation finds its way to federal court and a bump down as Morrison reduces the incidence of claims targeting foreign trading activity. Farther down the road, I would not preclude an increase in litigation activity attributable to whistleblower “tag along” cases that will be filed shortly after the Commission announces litigation or settlements arising from Dodd Frank bounty hunter disclosures.

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