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Directors Forum 2018 venue

Directors Forum 2018: Best Stakeholder Interactions

Directors Forum 2018: Directors, Management & Shareholders in Dialogue brings together investors, directors and management to engage in open, off-the-record dialogue about today’s pressing governance issues. Speakers will put a spotlight on the escalating impact of “corporate culture” on business success. Hosted by Corporate Directors Forum, Directors Forum 2018 will be held on January 21-23, […]

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Replacing Board Members

Replacing Board Members: The Elephant in the Room

Finally, an SVDX/Rock Center event that just about packed the house! I’ve complained frequently that people, especially students from nearby universities, are missing out on these excellent programs. Attendees still looked mostly like directors to me. If students ever show up in large numbers, we’ll have to move to an arena or stadium. I’m not […]

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Moving Day: Taking Out the Founder

As Advertised A passionate, visionary founder has the start-up organized and funded and captured first customers, but does not have the experience (or skill set) to scale the company to a liquidity event. The need to move the founder from CEO to an executive technical position or “just” a member of the board and an […]

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