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Technology at the Top, the Changes Made in the Boardroom

Guest post from Amanda Biggs, web manager and governance writer. By participating in the expansion of the Leading Boards portal for boards of directors, she has specialized on issues concerning the arrival of technology inside the boardroom. All through the last decade new technology solutions and tools have moved from being non-existent to becoming a […]

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Asynchronous Board Meetings

Ralph Ward’s latest edition of Boardroom Insider contains the usual pithy advice to board members on pay trends, evaluations, and how iPads are reshaping the boardroom, among other topics. However, one brief item caught my attention, not only are board meetings going virtual, they are doing so on a “continuous flow” basis, at least in […]

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Wanted: Tech-Savvy Directors

Corporate boards of directors should devote as much attention to IT matters as they do to accounting rules, but they rarely do, according to a report released earlier this month by the Deloitte Center for Corporate Governance. Today’s companies need “tech-savvy directors” who can make sure the IT strategy is aligned with the overall strategic […]

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Boardrooms at the Speed of Light

Technology has become a staple of the boardroom over the past decade. Today we see it reshaping the parameters of corporate governance itself. Electronic board books and board portals are shaking up what happens in the boardroom, of course, but online social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will force directors to rethink how […]

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