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Corporate Accountability Fall 2021

Corporate Accountability Fall 2021 Online Forum

Corporate Accountability Fall 2021: Restoring the Balance. This is your chance to discuss the issues with Nell Minow, Michae O’Leary, Andy Behar, Josh Zinner, Doug Chia, Bruce F. Freed, Heidi Welsh, Jon Lukomnik, Tim Smith, Brandon Rees, Christina Sautter, Rick Alexander, and more. Facilitated by shareholder advocate Jim McRitchie. Three individuals filed almost 1/3 of […]

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Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism

Accountable: The Rise of Citizen Capitalism

Accountable may be an exception. Not many books on capitalism and corporate governance have the potential to spread like a meme. O’Leary and Valdamanis have a rare talent for using memorable terms like the Two-Buffett Paradox, Fiduciary Absolutism, and Milgram-Nixon Syndrome. Buy it on Amazon and I might get a few cents for the referral. I […]

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