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Lists for Governance & Board Candidates

My friend Bob Tricker, a leading governance academic and expert, has written a wonderful online booklet, Twenty Practical Steps to Better Corporate Governance for Corporate Secretaries International Association. He sought input from experts worldwide and came up with the following list: Recognize that good corporate governance is about the effectiveness of the governing body — […]

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A Primer for Boards

Cornelis A. de Kluyver, an academic and practitioner with global experience, has written A Primer on Corporate Governance published by Business Expert Press. While not nearly as extensive as recent textbooks by Bob Tricker or Monks and Minow, this is a quick read that provides most of the basics for future directors and those who […]

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Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies and Practices

Bob Tricker helped introduce many of us to corporate governance as a field. His 1984 long out of print, Corporate Governance: Practices, Procedures and Powers in British Companies and their Boards of Directors was first to include the phrase "corporate governance" in the title. His definition of the term, even then, was spot-on: "The governance […]

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