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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Trillium Asset Management LLC, on behalf of the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica, along with the AFSCME Employees Pension Plan recently filed a shareholder proposal with Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C, $C) asking the company’s board of directors to explore a possible separation of one or more of its business units. (more…)

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Trillium & Green Century Mark Citizens United Anniversary With Resolutions Urging Halt to Political Donations

On the 2nd anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, two investment firms announce that they have filed shareholder resolutions at three companies, Bank of America, 3M & Target Corporation, urging them to refrain from making political donations in the future. This is the first time institutional shareholders have (more…)

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Medtronic: How I Voted

Medtronic (MDT) is one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up  on August 25. I voted yesterday using the MoxyVote.com platform. However, it is too late to do that today, so you’ll have to use ProxyVote.com. MoxyVote.com had recommendations from seven “good causes,” which included two consolidations.  ProxyDemocracy.org had only two participating funds (more…)

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Trillium Has a Good Year re Proxy Initiatives

The 2009-2010 proxy season was marked by a number of strong votes on shareholder proposals and successful corporate dialogues sponsored by Trillium Asset Management Corporation. According to Shelley Alpern, Director of ESG Research and Shareholder Engagement at Trillium: Across the industry, investor support for environmental, social and governance proposals (ESG) has climbed dramatically in the […]

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BPA, It's The Real Thing

The first ever shareholder resolution on BPA that was filed at Coca-Cola received 22% of the vote. The information below is from Michael Passoff of As You Sow, which was a co-filer on the shareholder resolution: Our speaker at the Coke annual meeting just reported that the shareholder resolution on BPA received a 22% vote. […]

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How I'd Vote at Coke

As can be seen from the list of stocks I own, I don’t have any direct investments in Coca Cola (KO). However, I do have indirect holdings through my pension at CalPERS and through several mutual funds and a strong longstanding concern about the safety of Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used in the epoxy lining […]

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