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ABT Fair Treatment of Shareholder Nominees cover of 2023 proxy

ABT: Fair Treatment of Shareholder Nominees

ABT Fair Treatment of Shareholder Nominees is an update of my (James McRitchie) effort in the recent proxy season to address the growth of abusive advance notice bylaws aimed at disadvantaging shareholder nominees under universal proxy rules. (see Procter & Gamble Fair Elections and Procter & Gamble 2023: Our Proxy Votes, which won 43% of […]

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Fair and Balanced at CalPERS

Fair and Balanced at CalPERS?

Fair and Balanced was the motto of Fox News. In 2017 they moved to a slightly more accurate “Most Watched, Most Trusted.” Most boards of directors, especially pension funds, like CalPERS, with a fiduciary duty to members that elect some directors and influence the election of others, want to at least appear fair and balanced […]

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