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Fair Elections

Fair Elections Under Universal Proxy Rules

Fair elections have long been a major concern. When I started CorpGov.net in 1995, most directors were probably chosen by CEOs. Elections resembled those of North Korea. Vote for management’s slate or withhold your vote. Fair elections? I didn’t think so. My friends toiled mostly in socially responsible investments, focused on double bottom line impacts and […]

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Veeva Systems 2021

Veeva Systems 2021 Vote Special Meetings at 15%

Veeva Systems 2021 annual meeting is June 23, 9 AM Pacific Time. To attend, vote, and submit questions during the Annual Meeting visit here. To participate, you will need the 16-digit control number provided on your proxy card or voting instruction form. I recommend voting in advance. Enhance long-term value. Vote AGAINST Gordon Ritter, the […]

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