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What Ought to Be: Why Grow Up?

Why Grow Up? between what is and what ought to be

Why Grow Up? between what is and what ought to be

According to Susan Neiman, the most important distinction in the world is the difference between what is and what ought to be. Recognizing that distinction is central to the process of growing up. (Why Grow Up?: Subversive Thoughts for an Infantile Age)

You need not be Peter Pan to feel uneasy about the prospect of becoming adult. Indeed, it’s easy to argue that Peter Pan, most drastically imitated by Michael Jackson, is an emblem of our times. Being grown-up is widely considered to be a matter of renouncing your hopes and dreams, accepting the limits of the reality you are given, and resigning yourself to a life that will be less adventurous, worthwhile and significant than you supposed when you began it.

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BuyThisPlatform: Twitter Explores Co-op Capitalism

Twitter has been an important tool to promote democracy – think #ArabSpring#BackLivesMatter, BuyThisPlatform#OccupyWallStreet#WomenOnBoards, etc. Now, through #BuyTwitter @ BuyThisPlatform, Twitter is being called on to explore its own form of corporate governance – how the company itself can be more democratic and inclusive. The results could have implications for the future of capitalism.

Take Action: On May 22 shareholders (owning as of March 30) will decide if Twitter should study and report on the feasibility of “selling the platform to its users via a cooperative or similar structure with broad-based ownership and accountability mechanisms.” Voting by proxy on the proposal has already begun. As one of the authors, I hope you will consider voting “For” our Proposal #4. Continue Reading →

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Scale: Corporate Governance Perspective

Scale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and CompaniesScale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies is about big data and takes a big time commitment to read. Scale is neither poetry or a novel. It is primarily information and speculation. 450 pages could have been distilled to 45. That said, this slog of a read should get anyone thinking with fresh insights. Below are my reflections on small portions of this tome by Geoffrey West, a senior fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory and a distinguished professor at the Santa Fe Institute.

Highly complex systems have their origin in very simple rules governing the interaction between their individual constituents.

Yes, Darwin still applies in the modern world.

In biology, network dynamics constrains the pace of life to decrease systematically with increasing size following the ¼ power scaling laws. In contrast, the dynamics of social networks underlying wealth creation and innovation leads to the opposite behavior, namely, the systematically increasing pace of life as city size increases: diseases spread faster, businesses are born and die more often, commerce is transacted more rapidly, and people even walk faster, all following the approximate 15 percent rule.

How will the Internet impact these generalizations? Perhaps the pace of globally connected small towns like Boulder or Davis outpace more the more isolated Pyongyang? Being interconnected may be more important than size. As he repeatedly points out in Scale, correlation is not causation. Continue Reading →

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Board Seats for Franchisees: Democratic Paradigm

Franchisees DemocracyMcDonald’s shareholders will vote on a proposal to give franchisees a seat on its corporate board of directors at their annual meeting in May. See ‘McD’s must let investors vote on proposal to give franchisees a board seat.’ (Crain’s) Could similar, more inclusive, proposals use preferred shares to create new forms of stakeholder democracy? A report at Twitter could assess viable options. (#WeAreTwitter Record Date Approaches

Under the proposal, McDonald’s would have to issue franchisees a special class of stock with the right to elect one director, but carrying no economic interest in the company. Each franchisee would get one share of stock with one vote for each restaurant the franchisee owns.

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#WeAreTwitter Record Date Approaches

#WeAreTwitter Record Date

#WeAreTwitter Record Date March 30?

#WeAreTwitter Record Date Approximately March 30, 2017

Thousands have been part of a #WeAreTwitter, #BuyTwitter, #platformcoop campaign to ensure Twitter remains and advances as “the people’s news network.” At the annual meeting in May, Twitter shareholders will get to vote on a proposal to study different corporate governance structures to give greater voice to Twitter users though a cooperative or other user empowering mechanisms. If you do not own shares by the record date, you cannot attend the meeting. If you do not own shares by the record date, you cannot vote in favor of the #WeAreTwitter resolution. The #WeAreTwitter record date is important. More information at The Internet of Ownership. Continue Reading →

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