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Proxy Voting as if Systems Matter

Proxy Voting as if Systems Matter

Proxy Voting as if Systems Matter. Investors currently get essentially the same voting advice if they are broadly diversified or if their investments are highly concentrated. That doesn’t make sense if they are attempting to use their votes to enhance their financial returns. It also may not make sense strategically, even if they are concerned […]

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What They Do With Your Money

Review: What They Do With Your Money

What They Do With Your Money: How the Financial System Fails Us and How to Fix It What they do with your money is central to many issues of citizens around the world. This wonderful new book by Stephen Davis, Jon Lukomnik, David Pitt-Watson helps readers connect the dots. While its focus is on the […]

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Uprising Against Wall Street - the cost of financial intermediation

Video: Uprising Against Wall Street

Uprising Against Wall Street – it has certainly been a clarion call of Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign but, as Stephen Davis points out in the video below, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have also attacked Wall Street. Public opinion is clear, so politicians aren’t likely to be strong defenders (at least not in […]

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