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Lazonick rebuttal

Lazonick Comments on Review of Predatory Value Extraction

The following extensive comments were submitted by William Lazonick, president of the Academic-Industry Research Network and UMass professor of economics emeritus, in response to my review of Predatory Value Extraction. This is dialogue a reviewer can only dream of, especially after already recieving a response from co-auther Jang-Sup Shin. More such exchanges with Shin, Lazonick, and others interested in […]

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Predatory Value Extraction

Predatory Value Extraction

Predatory Value Extraction: How the Looting of the Business Corporation Became the US Norm and How Sustainable Prosperity Can Be Restored (Kindle/Hardcover), by William Lazonick and Jang-Sup Shin, chronicles how agency theory and ‘maximizing shareholder value’ (MSV) led to looting of publicly traded companies. As many of us sit home waiting out the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

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WBA Stock Buyback Proposal

WBA Stock Buyback Proposal

WBA Stock Buyback Proposal is my latest submission in an attempt to address CEO pay and long-term performance. As mentioned previously (Stock Buyback: Shareholder Initiative) this is a new type of proposal for me. I welcomed feedback from readers and certainly got it. The wording of this proposal is substantially better, thanks to your many […]

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