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Electronic Arts 2023 Ratification of Termination Pay

Electronic Arts 2023: Ratification of Termination Pay

Electronic Arts 2023. Ratification of Termination Pay is just one of several issues to be voted on before or during the annual meeting on August 10, 2023, at 2:00 pm Pacific Time. Attend the annual meeting online. Vote AGAINST all directors except Kofi Bruce; Against pay, auditor; FOR proposal #5 Require Termination Pay Ratification. (more…)

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Electronic Arts 2022: Require Approval of Golden Parachutes

Electronic Arts 2022: Require Termination Pay Vote

Electronic Arts 2022 annual meeting is on August 11, 2022, at 2:00 am Pacific. It is virtual, on the Broadridge platform. I (James McRitchie) recommend voting in advance. To enhance corporate governance and long-term value, vote Against Huber, Roche, Simonson, Ubiñas, Ueberroth, and Wilson, pay, auditor, and incentive plan. Vote FOR other Bruce, Gonzalez, lower special meeting […]

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Electronic Arts 2021, gaming investors

Electronic Arts 2021: Gaming Investors

Electronic Arts 2021 proxy claims my proposal for written consent is “unnecessary and moot,” given their proposal on the same topic. But their proposal is a Trojan Horse, meant to deceive investors. They are gaming their investors. This ethical lapse is troublesome, as discussed below. Electronic Arts 2021 annual meeting is August 12, 2021 (Thursday), 2:00 pm (Pacific). To […]

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NextEra Energy 2021 Proxy Votes

NextEra Energy 2021 Proxy Votes

NextEra Energy 2021 annual meeting is May 20, 6 AM Pacific Time. To attend, vote, and submit questions during the Annual Meeting you will have to go to 20455 State Highway 249, Suite 200, Houston, Texas. The Company will provide a live audio webcast of the annual meeting from its website. Of course, I recommend […]

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