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Keep Politics Out of the Boardroom

Keep Politics Out of the Boardroom?

The deceptive title of a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal would not keep politics out of the boardroom. Instead, the recommendations would deny shareholders the right to request boards disclose those politics, in addition to denying many other long-standing rights. Read the op-ed and weep that such trash gets published in the Journal. This […]

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Friday Video: "Robin Hood Tax"

Mean St.: David Weidner on the logic of the “Robin Hood” financial transactions tax. Chuck Jaffe on investing, not gambling, in the stock market. Although Jaffe doesn’t mention it, only about 5% of Wall Street investments are on the basis of fundamental financial analysis. Jason Zweig discusses Ron Paul’s investment (more…)

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WSJ Reports Inaccurately on SLAPP Suits

Jessica Holzer, writing for The Wall Street Journal informs readers this morning, Firms Try New Tack Against Gadflies: Corporations Look to Block Shareholder Activists’ Proposals by Challenging the Size of Their Stakes – WSJ.com. Companies have long viewed shareholder activist John Chevedden as a pain. The retired aerospace worker and his network of like-minded activists […]

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Confusion About Proxy Access Suit

Readers may have noted the WSJ’s lead editorial of last Saturday, Proxies vs. Profits, railing against the pending proxy access rules and supporting the appeal taken to the D.C. Circuit by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable. However, the editorial misses the fundamental point of the issue: the pending rules do not guaranty […]

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