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Patrick S. McGurn, with ISS, continues his excellent coverage of the options issue in the 8/21 edition of the ISS Friday Report. He points out that the proposed treatment of option repricings (see FASB below) is consistent with a 1972 accounting rule (APB Opinion 25) that distinguished between “fixed” option plans and “variable” plans. While fixed option plans were not considered a business expense, variable plans were…repricing makes it a variable plan. If all goes according to plan, they might have the new policy in place around January 2000. We expect to see a lot of pressure on FASB to back off and hope our readers will help them hold firm.

Writing about the Board’s 1993 proposal that options be charged to earnings as an expense Edmund Jenkins, Chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, notes “the Board was wrong to back away from what some are belatedly recognizing was a Continue Reading →

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