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Jerry Adams is sure to stir controversy with his recent statement: “I personally do not think that the corporate governance movement and particularly the PERS program has had any positive impact on the retirement benefits of active and retired members of California retirement systems.”

Mr. Adams recently retired from the California Legislative Counsel’s Office and was chief counsel at CalPERS when they took up the corporate governance banner. Adams was the first CalPERS representative to publicly address corporate governance and its relationship to the interests of public retirement systems. In May 1984 he delivered a statement at the annual meeting of the Texaco Corporation in Dallas, Texas. Later, Adams prepared the bylaws for the Council of Institutional Investors. In an interview which appears in the January edition of The Public Retirement Journal, Adams expressed his opinion that:

A decade of record investment returns and low inflation has resulted in dramatically reduced employer contribution rates in most retirement systems, including PERS?but I have not seen or heard of comparable improvements in the retirement benefits of active or retired members of California public retirement systems during that period?I’m particularly dissatisfied with the PERS program. In my opinion, the PERS Board’s micro management of the investment program and its emphasis on corporate governance issues diverted Board, staff, public and even legislative attention, from the basic needs of the PERS membership. (For a copy of the article, call 916-455-7322 or 916-456-5282) Continue Reading →

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