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California Treasurer Phil Angelides may lead an effort to pull state investments out of companies negotiating Holocaust-related forced labor and asset seizure claims if they don’t reach a settlement soon. The companies involved include German banks, Daimler Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. (seeTreasurer: Settle Holocaust claims, Sacramento Bee, 10/29)

Mike Cohn, of the Cohn Family Business Group, is the newest member of the Corporate Governance NETwork. The firm advises family-owned businesses on succession planning and related governance issues. Their quarterly newsletter, TRANSITIONS & traditions®, helps stakeholders confront tough technical and emotional family business issues. Continue Reading →

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Review: Fair Shares: The Future of Shareholder Power and Responsibility

Much has been written about the role of directors and boards but far too little on the how shareholders can add value. Carolyn Kay Brancato did so in her excellent book, Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance: Best Practices for Increasing Corporate Value. However, Brancato was primarily writing from the perspective of managers. Although there was general recognition that shareholders can add value, the thrust of the book was on what managers need to know about shareholders and how to attract shareholders who will support them. Charkham and Simpson take a larger societal viewpoint. At bottom, they are concerned not with what is best for managers but what system will best provide the goods and services that society needs. Continue Reading →

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