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July 2005

Wyser-Pratte to Launch Fund The hard charging ex-marine with the German-sounding French name, Guy Wyser-Pratte, is plunging his investment activism full throttle into the limited arena of corporate governance-dedicated investment funds. Wyser-Pratte plans to launch the publicly listed Wyser-Pratte Euro Value Fund this September. Everyone wants to see investors get rewarded for backing companies striving to […]

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The False Promise of Pay for Performance

Many, including this reviewer, called Bebchuk and Fried’s Pay without Performance: The Unfulfilled Promise of Executive Compensation the best corporate governance book of 2004. James McConvill’s The False Promise of Pay for Performance: Embracing a Postive Model of the Company Executive, largely a critique of Pay Without Performance, deserves similar attention. Bebchuk and Fried clearly […]

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