SHARE to Develop Best Practices on Human Rights

The Shareholder Association for Research & Education (SHARE) is launching a two-year project aimed at developing tools to assist investors in ensuring their pension investments uphold the highest standards of human and labour rights. The Investing in Decent Work project will focus the challenges investors face in identifying and addressing issues related to the use of forced labour, precarious employment and occupational health and safety…

SHARE will also identify best practices to enable companies to meet and exceed widely-accepted international labour standards and improved disclosure to help investors manage risks and identify opportunities related to workplace issues. (SHARE project will examine role of workplace issues for investors)

I’m delighted to see this development to assist Canadian institutional investors. Many US funds I am familiar with, like CalPERS, have endorsed the United Nations Global Compact, Sullivan Principles, etc. Although I sure they attempt to be conscientious in implementing such principles, I’m sure most would welcome the development of best practices to ensure intentions are carried out.

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