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How to Think: Reviewed

How to Think

How to Think: A Survival Guide for a World at Odds (buy), by Alan Jacobs, is not directly about corporate governance. It is more about learning more from your engagements with those who do not share your views. Corporate Governance (#corpgov on Twitter) has not been immune from incivility. How to Think could help us all to better diagnose forces that keep us from thinking, while helping us to acknowledge that it is impossible to “think for yourself.”

I’ll post a few of my takeaways from How to Think below. If you only have time to scan a couple of pages in your local bookstore, turn to “The Thinking Person’s Checklist” on pp 155-156. Hopefully, that will hook you in and you’ll buy it and read the entire 157 pages. There’s much more in How to Think than a checklist or a few takeaways.

Thinking is integral to life, so the book is more about establishing good habits, centered around how to communicate with others. It would be nice if everyone read “How to Think” before getting a Twitter account. I will try to apply a few of these and other lessons in future #corpgov posts and responses on Twitter. Continue Reading →

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