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FAMulous Basis for Achieving Alpha

No, this article isn’t about becoming famous though the internet, the Sisters of the Sororitas, or Famulous Eateries in Bangkok. Rather, I just spent an hour on a Webinar with GMI Ratings on their Forensic Alpha Model (FAM), designed  to help investors predict stock returns using forensic-accounting and governance-related measures of issuer risk. Yes, it was […]

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Video Friday: Occupy Wall Street

Eliot Spitzer calls on Obama to support Occupy Wall Street. Noting that the movement is amassing support day by day, Spitzer hopes this will encourage President Obama – calling him “flat” on Wall Street and the economy – to speak with “a new and progressive voice.” Michael Moore states, “We oppose the way our economy […]

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Video Friday: Unraveled & Housing Bubble

“Unraveled” reveals the lesser-known case against Mark Dreier, an attorney and “philanthropist” charged with wire fraud, money laundering and other charges. In what amounts to a fascinating study of greed and motivation told from within an intimate series of exchanges, director Marc Simon allows Dreier to share his account of the events that transpired. Slick […]

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CEO Pay in an Age of WikiLeaks: Reporting, Rationale and Ratios

As has been widely reported, WikiLeaks will soon release thousands of documents revealing malfeasance, greed and incompetence at the highest levels of a major American bank, most likely Bank of America. According to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, this may be the biggest expose of unethical corporate behavior since the Enron scandal. (Facing Threat From WikiLeaks, Bank […]

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SEC Proposes Whistleblower Regulations

SEC Proposes New Whistleblower Program Under Dodd-Frank Act (Press Release No. 2010-213; November 3, 2010. Section 922 of the Dodd Frank bill gives the SEC the authority to make awards to whistleblowers under regulations prescribed by the SEC of  not less than 10 percent, in total, of what has been collected of the monetary sanctions […]

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