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Minnesota May Attract Top Female Talent

GMI Ratings released today its third study this year of gender diversity on corporate boards of directors. The current study provides a comprehensive quantitative state-by-state analysis of gender diversity on the boards of Russell 3000 companies headquartered in the 50 U.S. states. (more…)

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ESG Investing at University Endowments: Next Steps

A new report, Environmental, Social and Governance Investing by College and University Endowments in the United States, finds environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) efforts by endowments are less prevalent than often believed, particularly given their history as pioneers dating back to 1970s anti-apartheid campaigns. These findings are particularly surprising at a time when ESG factors are increasingly factored […]

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Kay Review Recommendations

The UK backed Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision Making was commissioned by Business Secretary Vince Cable after the takeover of Cadbury by Kraft, which many thought was driven by short-term investors.  After examination the Report made several recommendations that could improve the long-term focus fund returns if properly implemented. (more…)

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Book Review: Owning Our Future

Marjorie Kelly is the rarest of authors, discussing some of the most difficult problems we face but doing so through an easily understood narrative of her own search for answers that is bound to draw in readers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Her analysis is insightful and the recommendations contained in Owning Our Future: […]

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Video Friday: Roger Martin – Fixing the Game

The common belief that firms exists to maximize shareholder value has led to massive growth in stock-based compensation for executives and a naive and wrongheaded coupling of the “real” market (the business of designing, making and selling products and services) with the “expectations” market (the business of trading stocks, options and complex derivatives). It’s a […]

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New Pay Comparison Tool From Stanford

Aligning CEO pay with shareowner value is key for many. A new tool (at least new to me), the Compensation and Wealth Calculator, from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Corporate Governance Research Program, allows users to see how the compensation of CEOs and other NEOs, which they have already received over the years in the form […]

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The Problem with Pay for Performance

How Not to Argue for Bonuses. Reprinted with permission from PIRC Alerts, 17 July 2012. PIRC is the UK’s leading independent research and advisory consultancy providing services to institutional investors on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. (more…)

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In Celebration of

However, viewing the venture as a tragedy because it is folding is like saying Neil Armstrong was a failure because he left the moon and came back to Earth. Just as the Blue Marble photograph of Earth helped us see our world in a new light, Moxy Vote helped us see corporations differently.  This gang of explorers blazed […]

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Dell: How I Voted – Proxy Score 67

Dell ($DELL) is one of the stocks in my portfolio. Their annual meeting is coming up on 7/13/2012. Voting ends 7/12 on Moxy Vote’s proxy voting platform, which had 0 recommendations “from good causes” when I checked and voted on 7/10/2012. had information on 6 funds voting.  I voted with management 67% of the time. (more…)

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2012 Proxy Access Efforts

As Glyn Holton reported last week, the SEC denied no-action requests from Forest Labs ($FRX) and Medtronic ($MDT). (SEC Delivers For Shareowners On Proxy Access, 6/29/2012) Therefore, shareowners will get an opportunity to vote in favor of proxy access at upcoming shareowner meetings. (more…)

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Review: International Corporate Governance

International Corporate Governance stands out as textbook that looks at the topic from a truly global standard. Author Marc Goergen first came to my attention in the 1990s as a member of the European Corporate Governance Network (ECGN), since renamed the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI). He brings both breadth and depth to a wide range of […]

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SEC’s Authority at Risk?

The United States Constitution was written on 4 pages in 1787. Now there are  over 80,000 pages of regulations in the Federal Registry. In a time mired by fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption, in both the public and private sectors, an article by the Business Integrity Alliance argues that corporate directors who set (more…)

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