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Plundered Nations? Successes and Failures in Natural Resource Extraction

Rethink Resource Extraction

Norway’s Resource Extraction The Government Pension Fund Global (Norges, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund), is one of the world’s largest funds initially funded by resource extraction.  Learn about its history, objective and management in the video clip below. The fund is saving for the future generations in Norway; where is the American equivalent? To achieve broad […]

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The Cove, Ceres and Utility Industry Reforms

I’m sure most readers have heard of The Cove, a movie directed by Louie Psihoyos where daring animal activists film a dolphin slaughter at Taijii, Japan. Frankly, it was one I was going to bypass. Who wants to watch dolphins being killed? However, after listening to Sea Change Radio’s Alex Wise interview Louie Psihoyos I’ve […]

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