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To Split or Not to Split? Independent Chair Proposals at Disney & Starbucks

Proxy MosaicThere has been much controversy in recent years surrounding the dual role of chair and CEO. The number of independent chair shareholder proposals seeking to separate the two positions has increased significantly and continues to rise. Both Disney and Starbucks have faced this issue in the past and shareholders once again have proposed to split the roles of chairman and CEO.

Will the momentum behind the independent chair proposals be enough to carry the vote? Or will Disney’s and Starbucks’ recent positive performance shield them from the ire of corporate gadflies? Can a combined chair-CEO truly be subject to adequate oversight?

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Events James McRitchie will attend

James McRitchie


James McRitchie, Publisher, and proponent of independent chair proposals at Disney and Starbucks

Ryan Krause

Ryan Krause

Ryan Krauss, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Strategy, TCU Neeley School of Business

Greg Taxin

Greg Taxin


Greg Taxin, Managing Member, Spotlight Advisors

Monday, March 9th, 11:00am ET

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2 Responses to To Split or Not to Split? Independent Chair Proposals at Disney & Starbucks

  1. Thomas Doorley 03/12/2015 at 5:52 pm #

    Having worked with Starbucks early on, and spending a lot of time on Boards and advising boards, I bring a unique perspective. Few leaders can handle both roles effectively, Howard Schultz is one of the few who can. Vote to keep both roles embedded in one person!

    • James McRitchie 03/12/2015 at 9:31 pm #

      Howard Schultz is doing a great job. The proposal calls for an independent chair AFTER Schultz. Succession planning is critical… even if long-term.

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