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Don't Look Up on Netflix and Mr. Fink’s 2022 Letter

Mr. Fink’s 2022 Letter

Mr. Fink’s 2022 letter (link) repeatedly emphasizes the need for companies to have a clear “purpose,” a “north star,” that employees “understand and connect with,” as “your staunchest advocates.” How well does BlackRock do on that measure? BlackRock’s own purpose included in its articles of incorporations, “is to engage in any lawful act or activity for […]

Continue Reading · 2021 2021 Review Looking Forward to 2022 2021. We said goodbye to the Trump administration, filed shareholder proposals, held weekly discussions on corporate accountability in 2021, helped shape the SEC’s repeal of several Staff Legal Bulletins, the proposed N-PX rulemaking, and sued the SEC to overturn rules that harm the rights of Main Street investors. It was a productive year at […]

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