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Dan Boxer discusses why founders cede control

Founders Cede Control to Independent Boards: Why?

After founders have raised funds from friends and family, and in some cases, angels, the next round of capital is likely to come from professional investors, usually venture capital (VC). Unless the demand for an investment opportunity is so great as to allow the founders to dictate the terms, it is likely that VC investment […]

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Moving Day: Taking Out the Founder

As Advertised A passionate, visionary founder has the start-up organized and funded and captured first customers, but does not have the experience (or skill set) to scale the company to a liquidity event. The need to move the founder from CEO to an executive technical position or “just” a member of the board and an […]

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Corporate Treasury as Founder's Piggybank

Measuring what’s due at Polo Ralph Lauren …, Michelle Leder footnoted* post for today asks an interesting question, “when a company is still headed by its founder, and where that founder still holds a significant chunk of the shares, are giant paychecks more tolerable, short of outright exploitation?” Ralph Lauren is chairman and chief executive. […]

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