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Walmart 2023

Walmart 2023 Fair Elections

Walmart 2023. Fair Elections is just one of several issues to be voted on before the annual meeting at 8:30 am Pacific on May 31, 2023. Vote AGAINST Flynn, Harris, Horton, Mayer, Penner Stephenson, pay, auditor, #8, #11; FOR Fair Elections #9 and most other shareholder proposals. Join the meeting with your control number. I […]

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Thermo Fisher Scientific 2021 Proxy Votes

Thermo Fisher Scientific 2021 Proxy Votes

Thermo Fisher Scientific 2021 annual meeting is May 19, 10AM Pacific Time. To attend, vote, and submit questions during the Annual Meeting visit here. From there you will at least need the control number you got from ProxyVote or elsewhere. Of course, I recommend voting in advance. To enhance long-term value. Vote AGAINST Casper, Chai, […]

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Reed’s – REED: Reject the Board

2nd update, 12/20/2015: Unpack your bags, cancel your flight and hotel. Reeds Inc. (REED) has postponed tomorrow’s annual meeting to 12/30/2015. Although the move may be costly to shareowners and our company, it may pay dividends in the long-run if REED finally starts paying more attention to shareowners, corporate governance and their legal obligations. REED made […]

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Daniel Muffoletto

Reeds Renominates Zombie Director Muffoletto

A majority of shares voted to turn them out of office, off the island, you’re fired… but unaccountable boards frequently reappoint a zombie director. Reeds Inc. (REED) flaunts the will of shareholders in renominating Daniel S.J. Muffoletto.  According to the Council of Institutional Investors: The vast majority of zombies are legally elected due to an […]

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