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Northern Trust 2024

Northern Trust 2024 Ascertain Client Voting Preferences

Northern Trust 2024 proxy. James McRitchie’s proposal to Ascertain Client Voting Preferences is one of several items to be voted on before or during the Northern Trust annual meeting on April 16, 2024, at 8:30 a.m. Pacific. Attend the annual meeting online. I suggest you vote in advance. However, you can also vote with your […]

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Netflix 2021 Proxy Votes

Netflix 2021 Proxy Votes: Political Disclosures

Netflix 2021 annual meeting is June 3, 3 PM Pacific Time. To attend, vote, and submit questions during the Annual Meeting visit here. To participate, you need the 16-digit control number provided on your proxy card or voting instruction form. Of course, I recommend voting in advance. To enhance long-term value. Vote Against all directors, auditors, […]

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Axon Enterprise 2020

Axon Enterprise 2020 Annual Director Election

Axon Enterprise 2020 annual meeting is 5/29/2020 at 10AM Pacific virtually by entering the eligible shareholder’s 16-digit control number found on the proxy card. To enhance long-term value: Vote AGAINST Kroll, Smith, Pay, Auditor. Vote FOR 4A&B Amendments, and Annual Election of Directors.  See list of all virtual-only meetings maintained by ISS. Vote by 5/28 online or […]

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Resolutions Challenge Chamber Board Members on Political Expenditures

Investors recently announced filing of shareowner resolutions at several corporations with board members who also sit on the Board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, challenging these corporate boards to review their policies and oversight of political expenditures, especially through trade associations. The first filings are at Accenture, IBM, Pepsi and Pfizer. The filers believe […]

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Devon's AGM (Updated)

John Chevedden recently had one of his more common shareowner proposals at Devon Energy (update at bottom): Resolved, Shareholders request that our board take the steps necessary so that each shareholder voting requirement in our charter and bylaws, that calls for a greater than simple majority vote, be changed to a majority of the votes […]

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Intel Yields on Virtual Meeting

From a IntelOurPublicStatementRegardingVirtualMeeting: “In the fall of 2009 Intel indicated it was going to attempt an experiment and hold its’ 2010 stockholders meeting entirely on the web, moving from a physical annual meeting to a virtual meeting. A number of shareholders expressed support for the expansion of the annual meeting via the web, but voiced […]

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