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Video Friday: Simpson Discusses CalPERS ESG Issues

CalPERS Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Global Governance, Anne Simpson, discusses how environmental, social, and governance behaviors impact corporate performance and highlights recent Board policy statements concerning three forms of capital: financial, physical and human. Read the transcript on the CalPERS site. (more…)

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Proposals to Address Fugitive Methane Receive Strong Shareowner Support

A series of strong shareholder votes have sent a clear message that natural gas companies must do much more to address fugitive methane leakage and management.  Shareholder proposals asking Houston-based Spectra Energy $SE, Tulsa-based Oneok $OKE, and Fort Worth-based Range Resources $RRC to issue reports on how they are managing high-climate-change-impact methane emissions have received favorable […]

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Ground-Breaking Proxy Proposals Headed to Shareowner Vote

Climate Change Portfolio Exposure Boston Common Asset Management has a proposal that will appear on the proxy of PNC Financial Services ($PNC) requesting that it report to shareowners on the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its lending portfolio and its exposure to climate change risk in its lending, investing, and financing activities. Watch for your proxy. The […]

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Capitalism vs. the Climate

Shop Amazon’s Cyber Monday Week This article by the award-winning Naomi Klein from The Nation is well worth the read. She takes on one of the most important subjects of the day. Here’s a brief clip: In The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, I explore how the right has systematically used crises—real and trumped up—to push through […]

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Responsible Investor: Walden's ShareOwner Proposals

Shareowners recognize that with more than 100 members the Chamber’s board is effectively ungovernable, leaving the door wide open for management. There are board committees on different issues, such as the environment, but committees do not govern, they recommend… A company’s obligation to its shareowners also goes beyond disclosure. Companies also have an obligation to […]

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Climate Change Disclosures

Yesterday, Michelle Leder had an interesting post, Climate change, baked goods and Sara Lee … at footnoted.com.  ESG disclosures concerning global climate change are increasing in 10-k and 10-Q filings. Leder cites Molson Coors disclosure in its recent 10-Q: While warmer weather has historically been associated with increased sales of beer, changing weather patterns could […]

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CorpGov News Bites

CalPERS. A report from consultant Wilshire Associates found that activist involvement by CalPERS increased returns at many of  the 142 “Focus List” companies. Prior to the pension’s involvement, the companies’ returns averaged 83.3% below their various benchmarks; afterward they yielded returns 12.7% above the benchmarks. Although the cumulative 12.7% is not as high as past results, their corporate governance program […]

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Dodd-Frank, End of Middle Class & Clownfish

I’m off reading the SEC Concept Release on the U.S. Proxy System, aka proxy plumbing, so no time to cover news. Be sure to download Mark Latham’s helpful Table of Contents with page numbers in doc or pdf format. Broc Romanek has all the coverage of the Dodd-Frank bill that I need… although it will be a while […]

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SEC Requires Disclosure of Climate-Related Impacts

The SEC issued new interpretive guidance that clarify companies must weigh the impact of climate-change laws and regulations when assessing what information to disclose to investors in terms of climate-related ‘material’ effects on business operations, whether from new emissions management policies, the physical impacts of changing weather or business opportunities associated with the growing clean […]

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